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2018: Freelance & Project Manager - France & Asia -
Our Companies

The Vediovis Productions story started in the middle of the French Internet start-up sensation. It's still a great adventure so far. Development, Training, WebDesign, Management... Vediovis Production is the best choice to help you with your projects.

We started our saga in 1999 when we decided to bring the Client/Server technologies to the Internet universe. Internet development IS Client/Server development. The game place is just a little bit bigger. We were totally in advance and today the market totally gives us right: Internet Websites technologies are made today around Client/Server principles: Relational databases, Object Orinted Programming, Model/View/Controller patterns...

Some customers: (France Télécom, IBM, ConsortNT, Firstream, ...), and a lot of projects for the mid-market.

Remotly coding from our office or directly with your team, we realise great work for our customers :)

History :

Today we are able to help you and to develop your solutions everywhere in the planet. Our experience and our skills are our best values :)