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2018: Freelance & Project Manager - France & Asia -
"The capacity to transmit is a gift.
The ability to transmit is a talent.
The will to transmit is a choice."

Université Paris 5 Thanks to Alain Seigneur from the University Renee Descartes Paris V, I had the opportunity to teach 2 courses ("DataBases" and "PHP") between 2000 and 2003 for five promotions from the "Licence Professionnelle" grade (Third year). "Les métiers de l'internet" (Internet Jobs) It was a great experience, and also the best way to test my writings and publications. At the same time, we used the students to computerize all the mathematical and Internet university department and we made a great elearning platform.

Every teaching supports [in French] are online, with some exercises and examinations (you can exercise with a few exercises and 3 final examinations). You will find them here:

But, if you use or like my work, please tell me. It's my only award.

Business Data Processing IT Teacher:
ICS Bégué I had a permanent position as an IT teacher in a private IT college during one year in 2003. I teached 3 classes "BTS Informatique de Gestion"(IT processing) [first year], "BTS Comptabilité et Gestion"(accountancy and control) [2nd year], and DECF (expert accountant students) [4rth year]. Il was a full time job Full time, full of joy and passion. I miss you guys, and I hope all of you are graduated now with the best positions you could reach. Cheers!

Teaching and training is a great experience. And most of all, It's always useful to take the time to return to the origins. When you teach your skills to others, it forces you to know them deeper and to possess them totally in the same time. Anyway, I will say nothing about the ridiculous money you make when you are a full time teacher in French private colleges. It's not something you do for the money. You need passion : )

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