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2018: Freelance & Project Manager - France & Asia -
"The capacity to transmit is a gift.
The ability to transmit is a talent.
The will to transmit is a choice."

These texts are also used for teaching and training in France, Quebec, Morocco, in various public or private college and university. Thank you very much for your emails : )

With CampussPress:
Campuss Press Pearson Education InformIt
Technical writter (Freelance) for Pearson Education France about Database Architecture. Published by InformIT [French version] (

Book in progress.

Sam Mag SAM-MAG is a well known French online newspaper. "SAM l'Informaticien" is the weekly technical heading. I wrote 10 articles for them, about Web Database conception and modelling. (From 2000/11/19 to 2001/04/29).

Original versions (sorry, they are all in French -):
Histoire des Base de Données
Bases de Données Relationnelles
Merise  -  Merise 2  -  Merise 3  -  Merise 4  -  Merise 5  -  Merise 6  -  Merise 7  -  Merise 8

8 seems to be still online today (Avril 2005):
1  -  2  -  3  -  4  -  5  -  6  -  7  -  8

The defunct Website ClasseWeb published as well some writings.

Some users who kindly noticed me they use my work (Thanks to them for telling me):

Université Paris V - Paris

Université Laval - CANADA

Institut d'Informatique de Québec - CANADA

Lycée Le Likès - Quimper - FRANCE : BTS Comptabilité

Lycée Turgot - Paris - FRANCE : BTS Comptabilité

Sophia Antipolis (Nice) - IUT - ACSI (Analyse et Conception des Systèmes d'Informations)
Sophia Antipolis (Nice) - IUT - UML

Self-satisfaction :p
And... Just for the pleasure... I want to thank very much everybody who sent me these gentle emails. You have no idea the pleasure you gave me. Thanks again, and good road to all of you :)

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