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2018: Freelance & Project Manager - France & Asia -
Design Works
The problem with internet is you can produce marvelous things and see them disappear only a few months later. So it's sometimes complicated to show what you've done, and what you can do. That's why I made this page. Here I show my personnal realizations, as well the projects I managed and produced with my teams. All code were always realized by hand (notepad or equivalent). These achievements follow the evolution of the technology, with its modes, its upheavals of standards, and its evolutions of stands. From square screens that have become rectangles, to the arrival of tablets and smartphone, the way of designing and presenting web content has changed significantly over the last 20 years. The search for curves and depth has given way to flat design (currently in vogue, until the new trend :).

We cannot confuse creating work interface with Web design. These are two distinct areas.

This site is to be added to the list of personal integral achievements, including its current renovation version (December 2017).

For obvious reasons, still active customers are not listed here.

Notice : As the law allows me, it is only a question here of justifying a know-how, and carrying a historical eye on the evolution of IT uses and technology. It remains obvious that no claim of ownership or competition is exercised against the companies concerned. More, see the Juridic part at the bottom.

Examples of personal achievements:

2014 : Sambapito
Trending Produit developped for the 2014 Wordcup in Brasil by an ex manager from Adidas. This website had high visibility during the competition (radios, TV, newspapers, France and international). We could use the image from the following stars : ( Vitorino Hilton, Rémy Cabella, Steve Madanda, Edmilson, Demetrius Ferreira, Antonia Fontenelle, Paulo Sergio, Lucas Mendes, Ivo Meirelles, Benjamin, and the Samba School Mangueira).
Moder Design, responsive, sport... Flat of course, but always with elegance.
The advertising images come from the marketing cell and are melted into the realization.
Made in Bangkok at the beggining of 2014.

2009 : SK House And Condos
Thai Property Agency.
The arrival of Flat Design and responsive. Curves and depth withdrawal. Social network integration.
A major actor in South East Thailand.

2006 : DublinWork
Recrutment and job offers Website for European immmigrants in Ireland. Has been one of the most useds website in Ireland around 2008/2009. Still online.
Notice : Flat design incoming, still mixing with curves and depths.

2004 - Sesame Expert Website, business management consulting, tax optimization...
Notice : The design made around Juan Gris paintings (Cubism founder). RollOvers. Internal sliding javascript. The time when we still had a home screen very different from the reste of the site.

Early 2000. Starting element : the logo, a few request from the CEO, a weekly management from him, and hop ! We had a new website for the Computing company Aprime. This one stayed 2 years online, which is quite good in this industry.
Notice : Animated gif. Lens flares. Website low weight. 3 colors code (company, candidates, staff). The online version included a general administration interface.

2000 : Work Examples
Example of original creations of Logos, banners, as well as printing works such as business cards, posters, record labels ...

Examples of design team management :

2013-2017 : Prestashop shops
Examples of templates and dressings made in coordination with my Asian resources
(a few dozens productions)
Flat. Market. Sell.

Shop for a Polynesian jewelery company. The beginning of a big row around Prestashop, which has replaced the custom development tools for the mid-market.

2013 : IT Lessons
Online Training center Skin. Made by Bas and me. Sold on a popular template shop.
Flat. Modern. Elegant. Responsive.

2012 : Accessoire Beauté
This fashion blog stayed first on "accessoire beauté" keywords (beauty accessory) during more than 2 years in France, ahead of the great tenors of the industry.
Made by Bas and me.

2012 : Smongdee IT Asia Co. Ltd.
IT Asia website. Made by Bas, Tanya, Sakkarin, and myself in our graphic webstudio located in Chon Buri (Thailand). With the responsive, we have around 6 versions for every pages. A very special care was given for each section that has its own identity. Avant-garde use of CSS effects, specifically managed for each browser at that time ... The website received several awards when produced online (CSSVILLA: Site of the month - CSSDESIGNAWARDS: Winner of the day - CSS LIGHT : Nominee)

2002 : AO Brasil
New version for the first Brazilian portal in France. (partner with Sonny Anderson).
Work on curves, full width usage, the segmentation design for each headings, game colors around Brazil.
Fully made at 100% in the Vediovis Productions studios in early 2002.

2001 : Groupe Gregoire
A website for an oversea property agency. Notice : RollOvers. Design work. Admin interface. A production for a small company, but one of the best Vediovis realization (hi Ticky :-). Hailed by many professionals at that time. This version stayed online for more than 2 years.

Vediovis Production Website. 100% internal. Made in the company design studio. A mix of corporate spirit and ultra-technological feelings. The time of websites wedged at the top left.
Serious and Design, exactly like us. Bravo Maxime.
With Ghislain and Ticky's support :)

The first website for the IT company Blue Consulting, during the very early Internet years.
Notice : The 3 parts structure. The admin interface. What can be done in 2 weeks with a good trainee. Centered in the middle on square screens. This version was used durung more than a year.


Usually, people don't complain when I show my work. The following part is mostly for French companies. In short, it tells them I have the right to justify my skills and I don't intend to steal anythng from them.

Article L111-1 :
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    Ce droit comporte des attributs d'ordre intellectuel et moral ainsi que des attributs d'ordre patrimonial, qui sont déterminés par les livres Ier et III du présent code.
    L'existence ou la conclusion d'un contrat de louage d'ouvrage ou de service par l'auteur d'une oeuvre de l'esprit n'emporte aucune dérogation à la jouissance du droit reconnu par l'alinéa 1er.
Article L121-1
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    Ce droit est attaché à sa personne.
    Il est perpétuel, inaliénable et imprescriptible.
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    L'exercice peut être conféré à un tiers en vertu de dispositions testamentaires.

Conséquences :
Le droit moral (article L.121-1 du code de la propriété intellectuelle) comporte quatre types de prérogatives :
    Le droit de divulgation permet à l'auteur de décider du moment et des conditions dans lesquelles il livre son œuvre au public.
    Le droit à la paternité permet à l'auteur d'exiger la mention de son nom et de ses qualités sur tout mode de publication de son œuvre. L'auteur peut également choisir l'anonymat ou l'usage d'un pseudonyme.
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    Le droit de repentir ou de retrait permet à l'auteur de faire cesser l'exploitation de son œuvre ou des droits cédés (à condition d'indemniser son cocontractant pour le préjudice subi).
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